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“ I Appreciate when stories remind me that long before modern strides in women’s rights, there were strong, determined women who found ways to assert their power, even in times and cultures that narrowly defined their roles, It was a privilege to meet Zahir Kazmi’s mother in the pages of Amma Ji and Me. Jamila Kazmi’s entrepreneurial instinets, belief in education and dedication to family plaed profound roles in shaping her children’s future. I wish I could met her in realy life. I almost feel as if I have”

Care Lopez Lee, Author of They Only Eat Their Husbans. A Memori of Alaskna lace, World Travel and Power of Tunning Away.




“ This tender loving momir by Zahir Kazmi is his ultimate homage to the most influential woman in his life- his mother. While he reminisces of growing up at the aprone string of Jamila Kazmi, he has manage to create an intimate portrait of this ex traordinary woman stroke by stroke- he reveals of himself as much. amma Ji and Me shares with us his fascinating journey through life from one end of the world to another. In doing so he also tells us the story of the subcontinet torn apart at the scratch of pen to be divided in to India and Pakistan. It’s story of the close-knit Muslim family in their day-to-day lives of conflicts, divided loyalties and longing for the home that was suddenly in another country. Zahir tells it with a down home simplicity. Amma Ji and meis the book that comes right from the heart

Haresh Shah, Writer, Editor: Author of Simultaneous Orgasms and other Popular Mythis. Three unpublished novels and dozens of published / unpublished short stories.




Safaraz K. Niazi
Author of over 35 books on literature and science including the first complete English translations of Mirza Ghalib’s Urdu and Farsi Ghazals. He is widely invited worldwide t speak on topics ranging from philosophy to religion to Literature to the Amercian art.




Amma Ji is not a story of woman, it is an emotional catharsis by a son, who saw a large than life person in his mother, who molded not only his life but also of those around her: personalities like Amma Ji become lagenary for those who came in contact with them and leave a lagacy and confirmation of the influence of a single soul. Reading Amma Ji reminds me of V S Naipaul;s Work, particularly his journeys through life that took him to South Asia. Amma ji revets you to the pages and it is hard to put ti down: you become mesmerized by personalities that revolved around Amma Ji and live through an era of Indian subcontinent that was both turbulent and unsetting, Zahir Kazmi has put his soul into writting this book and has shown, without any doubt that the pageantry he is describing is indeed remarkable one of the finest example of stories from South Asia.



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