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Amma Ji and Me is a story of an exceptional woman born in a small farming town of Pur Qazi in Northern India. The author recounts the remarkable journey of one woman from modest beginnin g in a small rural town of India to her final resting place in the United States. Along the way, Amma Ji’s unflagging ambition, hard-won achievements, and countless sacrifices fashion a portrait of selfless love that serves as rousing tribute and triumphant celebration of the boundless possibilities when one makes full use of her considerable wit, formidable will, and sheer love of family.

Author, Zahir H. Kazmi begins the tale with the birth of Jamila in an affluent family, but her father dies when she just turned eleven. With the death of her father, her fortune changes and overnight she becomes penniless. Born in an era and society where social and religious traditions rule out a formal education for girls, and marriage looms large by the time she reaches the age of thirteen. Undaunted, she transforms her union into an impressive enterprise, rallying her husband to constantly advance, and grabbing hold of any opportunity to better their lives.

To that end, she encourages her husband to start his own business. She probably was the first woman who threw the first Tupperware party in the small rural town of Pur Qazi, some thirty years before first Tupperware party was thrown in the United States.

Life takes its tormented twists and turns, in the aftermath of partitioning of Indian Sub-Continent into India and Pakistan, Amma Ji migrates to Pakistan with five young children. Once again losses everything she and her husband has built in India. She again fights back to better the lives of her family in a society completely stranger to her. From the heights of opportunity
to the brink of starvation, Amma Ji survives it all. In her mid forties she learns to read and write. She becomes the first woman in her entire community who travelled by train, ship and Air. Ultimately, the first woman in her community to perform Hajj.

A stunning story of strength and smarts, Amma Ji will live forever in the hearts of readers following her journey. A journey that spans cultures, countries, and circumstances, transcends age and origins and inspires determination in readers the world over.




Author Biography

Born in India, Zahir H. Kazmi, the youngest son of Amma Ji moved to Pakistan as a child, when his parents migrated after independence. He graduated from the University of Karachi, Pakista n and had a career in banking from 1967 to 1973. Zahir H. Kazmi moved to the United States as a student in 1973, and graduated from the University of Illinois, with a major in business administration. He earned his CPA certificate and became a licensed public accountant, and is now self- employed, serving small and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago Metropolitan area.



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